More profitable
email campaigns

Before you had to believe that excellent design and good copy writing had an effect on your customer communication. 
Now we know! 

Use your previous email campaigns to gather insight on how to make future email campaigns more profitable.
Get 10-15% more sales from your customer communication

Advanced AI and machine learning

In a unique way, we decompose all of your emails into thousands of pixels. From a pixel level we use AI, modern machine learning and text models to understand the individual components individual effects and what results in success.

Advanced AI and
machine learning

All your emails consist of three variables:
1. Content & messaging (what to write and how?)
2. Design (Look and feel)
3. Functional (when and to whom you send emails)
AI and machine learning "reads all the newsletters" and give us the data for advance statistics to find what content that works, and which is the better design options

What topics interests the audience?

Advanced text analysis reads the topics in the e-mails and gives you information about which topics create customer interest

Does readability matter?

What is readability and does it matter? All emails have a readability score, what can this tell us?

Do you need variation in your text?

Without variation in subject line and body text, the reader will have the feeling that there is nothing new to read

Is the subject line important?

What are the trigger words should you have in the subject line to create interest? What makes your customers open and click on your email?

What about the image?

We analyze the size of the image, if there is text on an image, and if there are people in the image. What are your best performing images

What about functional variables?

Important to control your messaging and design effects to when and how often you send an email campaign

When to send your emails?

At what time of the day, what day of the week would be the best time to send your emails to your customers? We are all different - what would be the optimal timing for your customers?

The benefits

  • Learning from what you've done historically is an effective way to improve!
  • Be aware of established and erroneous "truths" - it is better to know!
  • Let data answer "myths" within the organization - "the emails are too long", "subject line is not optimal", or "we should be using more of these images"
  •  This analysis may be easier for you and your organization. You will receive an updated report telling you what works well and what are your challenge

Smart and
easy for you

  • You invest one hour to make available your previously sent emails, and report on clicks
  • You receive an in-depth analysis of your email history based on our unique methods and summarized in a report from our skilled data scientists and senior email marketing advisors
  • Furthermore, you can get an analysis of your competitors' emails in the same way, but without impact assessment

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We will assist you in identifying and quantifying the potential in your email marketing activities. Let us discuss how we can improve your last click contribution from emails with 10-15%.

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